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Dream Interpretation Methods

The traditional method of dream interpretation is also the most known. It is based on the general rule which states that every part of a dream should be reduced to a specific meaning related to the dreamer's life or the life of his closed ones. Two essential aspects characterize this method:

    -The conviction that the dream is an  anticipation of future events;

    -The belief that dream elements (when we fragment it) can be translated by using some keys of dreams.

The key of dreams is composed of a long list of words and phrases which are explained based on an algorithm no longer familiar now. When we dream we break the dream into one or more core words - such as: bride, suitcase, sun, and so forth - and we try making an interpretation based on the collection of the meanings of all of these words.

If, for example, "bride" means "good news", "suitcase" - "travel abroad" and "sun" - "father", we can thus obtain the following dream message: good news sent by the father who is abroad.

The traditional method was more detailed explained by famous ancient authors who were fully dealing with dream interpretation art, such as Artemidorus and Macrobius.

Keys of dreams can be found everywhere today. Unfortunately, most of them do not match our habits and aspirations and thus they cannot be used to decode our dreams, or they are inaccurately and incompletely used based on the ancient ones.

The Scientific Method

But the traditional method was challenged by Sigmund Freud who developed his own interpretation method, meaning the psychoanalytical method (see Freud), starting from the exigency of free associations . Carl Jung added new dimensions to the traditional and psychoanalytical method (see Carl Jung).

The scientific methods may lead one to his own actual or past neurotic problems related to the repression of wishes (the Freudian) or to discover the archetypes which are patterns of behavior and shape our conduct and motivation (the Jungian) to accomplish our life mission. Excepting the Jungian one, these methods can not longer be used to predict the future events. Still they can be used to further follow the path of self development.

What do Your Dreams Mean?

You need to know what your dreams mean? Well, this is not so easy as you may think. Though you can use the key of dreams to seize the meaning of your dreams, we strongly suggest you further follow the scientific methods for the reasons showed above. This way you may reach your unconscious repressed motives and the inner patterns of your future development.

The traditional and scientific methods may be studied further if you take our ebooks dealing with them. Please access the ebook section of this site (see below) to learn more.

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