Dream Interpretation at Freud and Jung

Jungian Dreams Dictionary of Terms

Active imagination. Method of exploration of -> unconscious contents through their experimentation as fantasies in the wakeful state. 

Amplification. Method of association in the interpretation of dreams based on comparative studies of mythology, religion, fairy tales, alchemy, astrology etc.

Anima. The archetype of female in man.

Animus. The archetype of male in woman.

Archetype. Primary structural elements of the human psychic. Also called primordial images.

Collective unconscious. The inherited part of the unconscious shared by all people. It basic consists in -> archetypes.

Compensation. A natural process of reestablishing a central balance in the psyche.

Coniunctio. Or "conjunction", term used in alchemy to define the union of opposites. At Jung and his psychology it means the union of the consciousness and unconscious, process also called -> individuation. 

Constellation. Activation of a personal complex or archetypal content. 

Dream. Spontaneous and natural manifestation of the psyche.

Dream interpretation. Method of exploration of the unconscious contents.

Free association. In dream interpretation, method consisting in collecting the dreamer's associations - memories, ideas, feelings etc. - to the dream fragments.

Individuation.  Process of synthesis of the Self consisting mainly in the union of the consciousness and unconscious.

Libido. Psychic energy, also called appetite or tendency towards.

Mystical participation. Term taken from anthropology (Levy Bruhl), defines the process of identification of the human subject with external phenomena, objects and beings, with the aim of taking over or determining specific effects. 

Numinous. Concerns the feature of -> archetypes to inspire powerful feelings of panic or devotion.

Persona. The social mask of the ego.

Personal unconscious. The part of the unconscious made of repressed contents. Equals the Freudian unconscious.

Philosophical stone. Alchemist term identified by Jung with the the Self.

Projection. Process of assigning the personal unconscious psychic contents to other persons or objects.

Quaternity. Representation of the psychic -> totality through square images.

Repression. Process of exclusion of unpleasant memories, thoughts and feelings from the conscious mind. The result of repression is the repressed.

Self. The archetype of the Center or the psychic -> totality (wholeness).

Shadow. The rejected moral contents of the ego. 

Symbol. A sign or image related to unconscious psychic contents.

Synchronicity. Concept forged by Carl Jung, defined as an acausal connection between two or more various phenomena (psychic and/or physical).

Totality. See wholeness.

Unconscious. Part of the psyche that does not ordinarily enter the individual's awareness but may be manifested by slips of the tongue, dreams or neurotic symptoms.

Wholeness. Final achievement of the -> individuation process, the union of consciousness and the unconscious. 

Wise Old Man: Archetype of meaning and wisdom of -> collective unconscious.

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