Dream Interpretation at Freud and Jung

Freudian Dreams Dictionary of Terms

Several concepts related to the dream interpretation are explained here.

Dream-work - the process of dream formation.

Manifest content - the form of the dream at the waking.

Latent content - the ideas of the dream that form the manifest content (->) through dream-work (->).

Condensation - one of the features of dream-work (->) consisting in blending several, often opposed, latent ideas (->) in the same dream image.

Figurability - one of the features of the dream-work (->) consisting in changing the latent ideas into dream image.

Dream interpretation - the process of returning from the manifest content (->) to the latent ideas (->) that formed the dream through the work of interpretation.

Symbol - a comparison that misses the object compared.

Free associations - used in dream interpretation, method consisting in providing free ideas and memories related to the fragments of a manifest dream.

Symbolic relation - between manifest dream (->) and its latent ideas (->).

Amplification - in the Jungian method of dream interpretation, method consisting in association of the dream content with materials taken from myths, symbolism, folktales, and so forth.

Unconscious - the deepest layer of the psyche mainly consisting in repressed wishes and memories related to them.  Dream interpretation (->) aims at the uncovering of the repressed materials.

Wish-dream - according to Freud a dream is the fulfilment of a repressed wish.

Repressed - the byproduct of repression (->).

Repression - autonomous psychic process consisting in rejecting the unpleasant, immoral, ideas from the ego-consciousness.

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